Lack of sleep is one of the main reasons for ill health. You may have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking early. Or you may sleep too much, which can be a symptom of depression.

There can be a variety of causes for sleep issues. We can explore the emotional aspects including anxiety, fears, or depression that may be affecting your sleep.

You may be working out a lot of things in your sleep. Often when people begin to work on things in their waking time, they begin to sleep better because they aren’t working in their sleep time.

If you have not slept well for a while, your body might be used to not sleeping well and you may have to change that pattern in your brain. There are behavioral as well as mind and body modalities that can help.

If you sleep a regular schedule and are still tired on waking, it may be appropriate to have a sleep study done through your physician or neurologist to determine if you are truly sleeping through the night or not. Dental retainers or CPAP machines can help you to breathe better and sleep better at night.

It may be that your hormones are affecting your sleep patterns. This can be true for those with ADD, ADHD, panic, anxiety, PTSD, etc., or it may be menopausal. Having some specific blood testing done can be helpful.

Mind and body modalities work the best for addressing this issue. It may also help to see a naturopath or functional medicine doctor for tests and/or supplements that support your body system.