I see my role as a coach or consultant—sharing observations, giving feedback, supporting and challenging behaviors or ideas, offering suggestions, and assigning homework or reading when I believe it will be useful. Working with thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, I work with you to help you reach the goals you have for yourself, your life, and your relationships. I offer a variety of tools that you can use both inside and outside the therapy session.

For each person, the course of treatment is unique. You and I together are responsible for developing and implementing a course of treatment that will most effectively help you reach your goals. I really value being in partnership with clients, and I welcome information, feedback, and suggestions any time in your process as a part of this partnership.



My specialty is in working with those who have inductive reasoning issues (IRI) and in training others who work people who have IRI. You find IRI in autism, Asperger’s, SCD, and ADD. You may also find it when someone has anxiety, social phobia, ADHD, bipolar, obsessive compulsive disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, reactive attachment disorder, or a narcissism diagnosis.

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Behavioral Therapy

This therapeutic method is focused on helping you look at your learned behaviors to scrutinize which are working for you and which are not. We will work together to modify or eliminate those behaviors that are not serving you well in obtaining your life goals.

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Family Therapy

Understanding how you get hooked by the behavior of other people in your family of origin (FOO) and how to get unhooked and stay unhooked can be very liberating. I can help you learn how to create and maintain healthy boundaries when you are engaging with your FOO or other important people in your life.

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Mind and Body Modalities

Mind and body modalities can address negative thinking or distressful feelings quickly and with ease. They can help shift the reflexes we develop in the womb and through the first year of life that can affect learning, coordination, and thinking.

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ParentING Groups

I offer assistance to parents of kids dealing with AD(H)D, SCD, PDD-NOS, or may have no diagnosis but clearly exhibit some of the behaviors. The 90-minute group sessions are designed to educate & support you, and include 30 minutes of education on chosen topics

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I offer an hour to an hour-and-a-half presentation on Understanding Inductive Reasoning Issues. For those who are not local, videos will be available for purchase before the end of 2016, as well as the ability to buy licenses for repeat/group viewing at that time

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Teaching & training

I teach about inductive reasoning issues in a variety of settings. I also teach about communication, conflict resolution, parenting, and working with those who have IRI. Videos, based on my book, teaching about IRI should be complete later in 2016. The plan is to set up CEUs for teachers, therapists of all kinds, and other professionals

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Consultation for professionals

I do consultation for professionals who are working with those who have IRI or who do support groups for them or for their partners or family members. I am also a supervisor-in-training for comprehensive energy psychology (CEP).

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I'm not on any insurance panels, but I can give you a bill so that you can submit it for reimbursement if your insurance takes out-of-network providers. Contact your insurance company to find out the amount of coverage for out-of-network providers.

If you want to use insurance and your insurance company needs a diagnosis, I need to know that from the beginning. We need to take time to talk about the diagnosis and its impact before I write it in your file. Once given to the insurance company and entered in paperwork, it is information that cannot be kept private in the future. You can choose to not use your insurance to keep your privacy if a diagnosis is required.