Energy runs through our body all the time. Atoms are in constant motion, synapses are firing in our brain and through our nervous system, and our blood is pumping through our veins and arteries without ever stopping until we die. There are energy pathways for each major organ called meridians, which the Chinese have been using for thousands of years. We can use these pathways to make a change in your system. When you align your body and mind, you don’t fight yourself to make the changes you wish to make. That makes these modalities work faster than any other techniques I have learned.

Our bodies and brains hold all that we have experienced, even if our brains don’t remember the specifics. Tension and stress stay when trauma or shock is not resolved and released either emotionally or in our body. When trauma or shock is not resolved or released we often find ways to revisit the source of the tension or stress until we can find resolution. Sometimes we are aware of this, and sometimes our body is the one that is remembering and revisiting the tension or stress. By using energy checking/muscle testing, we can determine from your body what is needed in order to resolve and change those things you want to change in your life. And dealing with objections to change will allow you to move forward without fighting yourself.

All the modalities listed use energy checking/muscle testing and tapping, massaging or holding energy treatment points. When you choose mind and body modalities, I use energy checking/muscle testing to ask your body what it wants in order for you to meet your goal for the session.

Energy Checking/Muscle Testing is an assessment tool for determining how energy patterns affecting your body and mind may be related to the problems you wish to address in therapy. The technique involves me applying physical pressure on your arm to see if a specific muscle stays firm or loses strength while you try to hold your arm in place and keep in mind a particular thought, emotion, or problem state. The outcome, as indicated by the relative firmness maintained by the muscle, provides information to both you and me about emotional dimensions of your problems that may not be available to you through introspection. Based partially on this information, I will advise you on which energy treatment points may best be used in helping you achieve your goals.

Energy Treatment Points, adapted from the practice of acupuncture/acupressure, are located on the surface of the skin throughout the body. They can be stimulated for the purpose of correcting disturbed energy patterns that might underlie emotional and psychological problems. Stimulation may include touching, massaging, or tapping the point. In most instances, the client will be instructed on how to stimulate the appropriate points. In some instances, I may ask for consent to directly work with specific energy treatment points on hands, feet, head, and possibly other points.



Comprehensive Energy Psychology (EP)

This modality begins by making sure the energy in your body is running in the correct way so it doesn’t block change and you aren’t holding your breath. We then clear any systemic energetic interference (such as cell phones, watches, etc.) and make sure your brain is functioning using both sides. We clear any objections to change that you might have, which are old beliefs your body is holding onto. Once those things are addressed, I use muscle testing to find out the sequence of meridian points that need to be tapped, massaged, or held. You can find more information at the ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology) website at www.energypsych.org.

Developmental Kinesiology (Dev-K)

This modality evaluates the sixteen reflexes that are developed in utero and through the first year of life. Reflexes need to be fully developed and integrated, and all but five of them need to be turned off until our body needs them. The fight-or-flight response is one of them that gets stuck on, and this modality can help you manage or even turn off this response. You can find more information at www.braingym.org/about.

Brain Gym/Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K)

 This technique uses a combination of body and eye movement, affirmations, tapping or sweeping meridians, resonation, and working with neurovascular points to allow the brain and body to reorganize around a new way of thinking or feeling about a past experience. It is a way to resolve shock and trauma. You can find out more information at www.braingym.org/about.

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) 

This modality was the first one developed that used tapping on various acupressure meridian points. These are the same meridians that acupuncturists use, only there is no use of needles. There is a set protocol for each feeling for trauma, addictions, obsession, panic, phobias, double binds, etc. that you wish to change. When you get stuck, you do the opposite of what you want to do, or things don’t shift, there are ways to change those psychological reversals so you can move forward. You again tap points while doing a specific breathing pattern. This is now taught in the first level of the Comprehensive Energy Psychology program. You can find more information at www.rogercallahan.com.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

This modality uses the same tapping sequence for all issues and feelings. It’s a great technique to learn and use outside of therapy. Bring the issue to therapy when you get stuck, you do the opposite of what you want, or things don’t shift, even though you do this technique. Then we can deal with the objections to change that are keeping you from moving forward. It may also be that what you are focusing on needs to be refined. You can find more information at Emo-Free at www.eft-emofree.com.

Touch For Health (TFH)

This modality uses tapping or holding meridian points to balance the energy meridians of the various organs in your body. I use muscle testing to determine what your body needs. This is very helpful for those who have health issues, especially those dealing with cancer and the chemotherapy and radiation treatments. It can help the body manage the treatments better and recover quicker in my experience. You can learn more about TFH at www.touch4health.com.

Prenatal and Perinatal Shock and Trauma (womb, birth, first year of life) 

All our reflexes are developed in the womb and through the first year of life. This time really sets all the patterns in our body. The reflexes need to develop fully and be integrated, and the majority turned off until we need them. Shock and trauma affect their development. It can help to be able to identify when you go into shock and what you can do to come out of it and change that response. You clear shock through very gentle means. Trauma is what more traditional therapy addresses and will increase shock if shock isn’t recognized and cleared first. You can learn more at www.birthpsychologyedu.com.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

This modality allows people to process trauma more quickly by going through the memory of the trauma in a particular way while using eye movement from side to side, sound from side to side, and/or tapping on each side of the body. This has been studied and found very helpful for those dealing with PTSD. I only use the eye movement in my work, and I found that this either clearly works or doesn’t work for people. You can find more information at www.emdr.com/index.htm.

Energy Medicine

There are several energy systems within and around our body besides the energy meridians. These energy systems move energy in other ways and can carry the energy of our ancestral history. Using body movement, attention, holding various meridian points, etc., you can help the energy move through your body to relieve pain and stress and to create health and well-being. You can find more information at www.innersource.net/em.