I offer consultation to help professionals understand and work more effectively with those who have inductive reasoning issues (IRI) and/or with their family. There are many tools available for evaluating and working with those who have IRI. I can help you use those tools more effectively. I can help teachers or bosses understand how to define a job and request things from their students/employees in order to help them do the best job that they can. 

I do individual consultation and group consultation for two to six people. This can be a single consultation, periodic consultation, or a time-limited group where people can return for another group. I’m willing to consult with larger groups of teachers who have questions. Contact me if you are interested.


Comprehensive Energy Psychology Supervision

I am a supervisor-in-training for the CEP program. For those interested in supervision for accreditation, I do individual (one to two) trainees or small group (three to six) consultation. Contact me if you are interested.